Which X-Men Character Are You, Based On Your MBTI® Type?

Even more so than any other superhero team at Marvel and DC, the X-Men offer a great variety of characters who were once a member. Most of the mutants in Marvel are X-Men, and these characters come in all shapes and sizes, many with overbearing personalities and others more ascetic, across the MBTI® Type scale.

Led by Professor X, many members of the X-Men started there as children while others joined as adults. There are heroes and villains working in teams and on the island of Krakoa, every mutant lives together peacefully there. With so much drama and complex personalities throughout X-Men history, there’s an MBTI® Type for everyone.


10 INTJ-A – Professor X

Professor X in his chair looks serious at Marvel Comics.

Professor Charles Xavier is definitely an Architect in terms of his MBTI® Types. Not only that, he is an Assertive Architect. He is a confident person who values ​​organization and rationality when solving problems. It started when he created the X-Men and became more controlling with Krakoa.

Professor X must always be in charge and when he builds something, he rarely lets others convince him that he is wrong. At Krakoa, he built the system with Magneto and Moria McTaggert, and even when he created the council, he kept enough secrets to make sure he ran it himself.

9 INTP-T – The Beast

X-Men's Beast reads a book.

The Beast had all the traits of a Turbulent Logician. He is someone who never stops questioning things and will always try to solve the mysteries of the universe. A Logicist is someone who is always creating new things and always wants to stand out from the rest.

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However, as a Turbulent Logicvian, Beast is also someone who is uncomfortable with himself and is an inventor who doesn’t always take morality into account when making his new discoveries. He often causes more trouble than good at his job.

8 ENTJ-T – Cyclops

Cyclops fires its optical blast.

When looking at the members of the X-Men, none conveys the MBTI® Type of the Turbulent Commander traits more than Cyclops. From the start, Cyclops was the natural leader of the X-Men and he carried out the role continuously over the years, often causing conflicts with the other members.

He’s Upset because he often lets his personal feelings and emotions get in the way of his struggles. However, as a true Commander, he still gets things done, even if this means alienating his own team.

7 ISFJ-A – Hurricane

Storm is a classic defender. He was a team leader who took control of the X-Men and later did the same for Morlock. When he leads the group, he remains very protective of his teammates – especially the younger members, like Kate Pryde.

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He is an Assertive Defender, someone who will step up and stand up for those he cares about and will do anything to get revenge when a loved one is hurt.

6 ENFJ-A – Jean Gray

X-Men Jean Gray

The school for gifted mutants saw his name changed in honor of Jean Grey, and that speaks volumes about what he means to the team. Jean was the first female member of the X-Men in comics and she remains one of Marvel’s greatest heroines.

He is a clear Protagonist and someone who will stand up for those around him. He is also loyal and protective – an Assertive Protagonist who will give his own life to save those he fights. He has likely done this more often than any other Marvel character.

5 ENFP-A – Kate Pryde

Once upon a time, Kitty Pryde was the youngest member of the X-Men, a brave young teenager who wanted to prove that she could be a hero. Storm became his mentor, and Wolverine his protector, before Colossus finally became his partner when he grew up. Now, he is basically a pirate and the leader of The Mauraders.

The ENFP is a free spirit, someone who is open, open-hearted, and open-minded. That was Kitty from when she was a teenager until later in her life when her heart was broken. Despite this, he remains a free spirit, traveling the high seas and protecting people who have no one else.

4 ISTP-T – Wolverine

The difference in the strength of Wolverine's Healing Factor over time

There are several MBTI® Types that Wolverine could logically include. However, the one most suited to his skills was a Virtuoso. He is an introverted character, who prefers to be alone than in large groups of fellow mutants, even in Krakoa.

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However, he is also a good teammate who is observant and clear-headed, something that can protect his team while completing the mission at hand. Then, when it was over, he would skip the celebrations and enjoy the quiet alone.

3 ENTP-T – Gambit

Gambit throws cards at Marvel Comics

No member of the X-Men is more clearly an ENTP-T than Gambit. He is an inquisitive and intuitive character who often lets those traits get him into all sorts of trouble. He is not afraid to disagree with anyone and argue with friends and foes.

This is probably why her relationship with Rogue has always been so hostile in their on-and-off romance. However, what makes Gambit so unique is that his attitude is not out of revenge, but his way of communicating which often leads to fights.

2 ESTP-A – Emma Frost

Emma Frost with an angry expression.

Emma Frost is someone who will not take jokes from anyone and she will do anything to maintain her strength. He is one of the richest mutants in the world thanks to his entrepreneurship, the true name of the ESTP trait in the MBTI® Type.

Once Krakoa was formed, Emma immediately took part in one of the main leadership positions. When he realizes another leader is lying to him, he takes it one step further and remains independent and in complete control. There is no mutant on this planet more like Entrepreneur than Emma Frost.

1 ESFP-A – Dazzler


In the MBTI® Type description, ESFP is Entertainer. These people are extroverts and love lively experiences. They also live life with enthusiasm and love to discover new things. When the word entertainer is mentioned when it comes to X-Men, it fits very well with Dazzler.

Dazzler is a mutant who can make light from sound vibrations. At first, he used this to make a great stage show in his main job as a musician. His own strengths are in the ESFP’s description, with his life experience and role as a musician make him the perfect entertainer.

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