Where to Watch & Read Persona 5

Persona 5 easily one of the biggest and best-reviewed JRPGs in years, reviving the game genre and really putting the Atlus franchise on the map. It used to be just a spin-off from a niche Shin Megami Tensei, persona has been easily defeated to take on a life of its own. This popularity is not only in the realm of gaming, however, with Persona 5 and his Phantom Thief stole the hearts of other media fans as well.

Like other Atlus games in the previous franchise, Persona 5 received manga and anime adaptations. These each provide their own story twist, namely with how some of the characters are named. Considering how popular it is Persona 5 has become, gamers may want to enjoy it in as many ways as possible. So, here’s how to cover the mask with Persona 5 manga and anime.

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Plot of Persona 5

Like in the game that gave birth to them, the plot of Persona 5 The adaptation involves a group of teenagers known as the Phantom Thieves. Witnessing hardships and injustices in their daily lives, these teenagers travel to a fantasy world via a smartphone app, becoming Phantom Thieves who uncover the evil in the hearts of corrupt individuals. Hoping to reveal the truth about the many people in power, the Phantom Thieves, led by the Joker, seek to change their everyday reality into a kinder world.

Their allies on this quest include Igor, the guard of the mysterious Velvet Room, as well as two less-than-friendly young wardens. There’s also Mona, a talking cat who guides the Phantom Thief’s transformation. Most of the iconography and themes presented reflect the concept of prison/slavery which is the center of the premise, with the story of criminals, criminals who do good also make the story a kind of picarisque novel.

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Where to Read Manga Persona 5

That Persona 5 the manga was first released shortly after the game was released in 2016. Drawn by Murasaki Hisato, the book follows the game’s story, while giving the protagonist the established name Akira Kurusu (he can be given any name the player chooses in the game). The manga is still ongoing at this time, with Viz Media handling the Western localization since early 2020.

So far, there have been nine volumes of Persona 5 manga, with the 10th to be released in Japan. Eight of the volumes have been brought to the West so far, so the localization schedule isn’t too far behind. The series can be purchased physically from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Right Stuf Anime and Walmart, while Kindle & Comixology carries a digital version.

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Where to Watch Anime Persona 5

CloverWorks produced Persona 5: Animationwhich ran from 2018 to 2019. This event is only the third anime the studio has produced to date, preceded by Slow Start and Darling in Franxx. They are more famous now for the latest hits like spooky Shadow Houseanime cosplay My make-up dear and much awaited Spy x Family. Persona 5: Animation has 28 episodes and two OVAs, as well as a special from A-1 Pictures. It is best known for giving the Joker the civilian name Ren Amamiya, as well as for maintaining the game’s iconic Shoji Meguro soundtrack.

Persona 5: Animation can be streamed via Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. It can also be purchased as a Blu-ray collection through sources such as Amazon, Right Stuf Anime and Walmart, but the costs are prohibitively high, making the aforementioned streaming services truly a river in the desert by comparison.

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