When is Legacy season 4 coming to Netflix? Has the series been cancelled?

Waiting for Legacy season 4 which will be released on Netflix continues for now.

There’s been a delay before season 3 of the popular supernatural teen CW show releases on streamers, and of course many are wondering if there will be a pullback with the release. Legacy season 4 on Netflix. We will be here to answer all your burning questions and provide the latest updates.

Unfortunately, this time it’s not all good news! So be prepared to be heartbroken…

When is Legacy season 4 coming to Netflix?

First for some good news! Legacy season 4 definitely going to be on Netflix!

For now, there is still no official release date but we are sure that will change soon too. We’re assuming the latest season will be on Netflix in late June (July at the latest), maybe on June 24 or 25. Of course, we could be wrong, given that season 3 was delayed, but we’re feeling pretty optimistic. Why? Healthy…

As per Netflix and The CW’s previous agreement—which according to What’s On Netflix ends in 2019—streamers still retain the rights to the latest season of the series. Inheritance.

In the past, that usually meant that the latest season would be available to stream on Netflix from about eight to nine days after the season’s end. first premiered on The CW.

So if that’s the case Legacy season 4, then it could mean that the latest episode will be added to the library just days after the original’s June 16 premiere. Good luck with normal scheduling!

Has the Inheritance been cancelled?

Now.. onto the bad news. Yes. Unfortunately, after 13 years and two spinoffs, Vampire diary franchise is coming to an end. Based on Deadlines, Legacy season 4 will be the final season of supernatural teen after The CW revealed it has decided to discontinue the show, and many other fan favorites (like Dynasty!).

Unsurprisingly, the news has devastated fans of the supernatural franchise with many taking to their social media to share their disappointment and vowing to “boycott CW” while also calling on other streamers and networks to save the series, with the hashtag “Save Legacies” trending on Twitter.

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At this point, it’s unknown whether streamers or the network will step in to the rescue Inheritance. But one thing’s for sure, and we’re not ready to say goodbye to Vampire diary franchise first. So we’ll keep praying for a miracle, maybe someone will save the series, or maybe it’s time for a new spinoff? Hopefully, we’ll learn what the future holds soon.

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