What Does 1312 Mean On TikTok? Everything You Need to Know!

If you are a TikTok user, you must be wondering what ‘1312’ means on TikTok. As users scroll down TikTok videos, one can see this new trend with Hashtag #1312 having taken over the entire platform. Users enjoy creating 1312 videos on TikTok and getting millions of likes. This trend is going viral every day, and everyone is now interested in knowing what ‘1312’ means on TikTok.

TikTok is emerging as one of the most used platforms for sharing short videos. In recent years, mainly due to the global pandemic, it has witnessed a rapid growth in its users. If we look at the stats, TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Chinese apps are quite popular in countries like the United States. However, it is banned in countries like India.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump spoke about how this lip-syncing video sharing app is affecting people’s lives and work in the office. Also, some people signed the petition to ban the app in the country because sometimes some unsocial videos are trending and thus cause harm. Nonetheless, fans still enjoy this app and are always curious about new trends. 1312 is growing in popularity on TikTok, and in this article, we will talk about what 1312 means on TikTok. Let’s dig deeper into the article and find out what 1312 means on TikTok.

What Does 1312 Mean On TikTok?

1312 is nothing but the numeric code of the English alphabet “ACAB.”

A=1, C=3, A= 1 and B= 2
ACAB = 1312

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This trend is also popular with the name ACABwhich stands for “All cops are B****ds.”

The phrase enjoy its history. Back in the 1940s, strikers used this negative phrase when they interacted with the police negatively. Until the 1970s, it became quite popular in the country. However, at that time ACAB was in vogue, and now ACAB has changed to 1312.

what does 1312 mean on Tiktok

In 2016, when the George Floyd case took over the Internet, the word made headlines again. Twitter was flooded with comments using the hashtags “1312” or “ACAB.” At that time, the trend was in vogue on TikTok. People make interesting videos and upload them on TikTok. When viewers enjoy it, this trend goes viral.

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Who is George Floyd?

For those who don’t understand, George Floyd was a black African-American man who was swallowed to death by a white police officer on May 25, 2020. This trend became popular after his death as people used it to support him and demand justice. The incident occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after police suspected Floyd may have used counterfeit $20 bills. The incident spread like wildfire and made headlines.

From celebrities to commoners, everyone came forward to support Floyd. People were furious with the police, and there were several comments, videos and tweets that went viral on the Internet. After that incident, 1312 trends became popular on TikTok.

Why Is It Popular on TikTok?

Video 1312 or ACAB on TikTok is usually used by people to express their ideas and anger towards the police. If you’ve seen any of the videos with #1312, you’ve probably noticed that usually, users make videos to make fun of police officers.

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what does 1312 mean on Tiktok
TikTok is a short video sharing app

They use TikTok to promote their ideas and opinions. Interestingly, the police are also following this trend. In one video, a police officer can be seen crossing a car. There was a woman in the car who needed help, and she kept screaming, “Help Please.” The uniformed policeman passed the car with ACAB written on the back of his shirt. Funny enough to watch, but the video has been viewed millions of times and is sure to be liked by viewers.

1312 is quite popular in 2020. Despite this, people still like to watch videos in 1312. However, the anti-slander league classifies the acronym as a hate acronym because it is usually used to express anger.

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