Sword in the World | How to watch, schedule and update results

Saber will be well represented at the 2022 IIHF World Championships, which kicks off Friday, 13 May in Finland and runs through Sunday, 29 May.

Buffalo will have five players participating in the tournament: strikers Rasmus Asplund (Sweden), Dylan Cozens (Canada), and John Hayden (United States) together with defensemen Rasmus Dahlin (Sweden) and Henri Jokiharju (Finland).

Sabers coach Don Granato also participates as an assistant coach on David Quinn’s staff at Team USA. Granato previously won a bronze medal on the Team USA coaching staff in 2018.

Below is the full schedule of all matches involving Saber players (all east time). This post will be updated with results throughout the tournament.

Friday, May 13

United States (Granato, Hayden) vs. Latvia – 09:15 (NHL Network)
Canada (Cozens) vs. Germany – 13:20 (NHL Network)
Finland (Jokiharju) vs. Norway – 13:20

Saturday, May 14

Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) vs. Austria – 05:20 (NHL Network)
Finland (Jokiharju) vs. Latvia – 13:20 (NHL Network)

Sunday, May 15

Canada (Cozens) vs. Italy – 05:20 (NHL Network)
United States (Granato, Hayden) vs. Austria – 09:20 (NHL Network)
Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) vs. Czech Republic – 13:20 (NHL Network)

Monday, May 16

Canada (Cozens) vs. Slovakia – 09:20 (NHL Network)
Finland (Jokiharju) vs. United States (Granato, Hayden) – 13:20 (NHL Network)

Tuesday, May 17

Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) vs. United Kingdom – 13:20

Wednesday, May 18

Finland (Jokiharju) vs. Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) – 13:20 (NHL Network)

Thursday, May 19

United States (Granato, Hayden) vs. United Kingdom – 09:20 (NHL Network)
Canada (Cozens) vs. Kazakhstan – 13:20 (NHL Network)

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Friday, May 20

Finland (Jokiharju) vs. United Kingdom – 09:20 (NHL Network)

Saturday, May 21

United States (Granato, Hayden) vs. Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) – 05:20 (NHL Network)
Canada (Cozens) vs. Switzerland – 09:20 (NHL Network)
Finland (Jokiharju) vs. Austria – 09:20

Sunday, May 22

Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) vs. Norway – 13:20 (NHL Network)

Monday, May 23

United States (Granato, Hayden) vs. Czech Republic – 09:20 (NHL Network)
Canada (Cozens) vs. Denmark – 13:20 (NHL Network)

Tuesday, May 24

Sweden (Asplund, Dahlin) vs. Latvia – 05:20
United States (Granato, Hayden) vs. Norway – 09:20 (NHL Network)
Canada (Cozens) vs. France – 13:20 (NHL Network)
Finland (Jokiharju) vs. Czech – 13:20

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