Sell ​​Tampa Season 2: Is The Show Updated Or Not?

Sell ​​Tampa Series Visual

Reality shows are a huge challenge for the industry as they show real life, not reels. Selling Tampa is one of the most successful reality shows of recent years. Its first season was once one of the top ten trending shows on the streaming platform Netflix. And now, people are expecting the same from Selling Tampa Season 2. Yes, the show will be updating soon on the same OTT platform with lots of new twists.

Are you interested in property and things related to real estate? If yes, then you will definitely love this series. The show basically focuses on real estate companies, agents, and deals. The highly skilled and ambitious women on the show inspired us. Also, watching this series gave us so many beautiful visions and scenes because Selling Tampa’s shooting location was so adorable.

When will Selling Tampa Season 2 premiere? What is Tampa Selling? What happened on this reality show? Who were the cast in the first season? Where was Selling Tampa Season 1 filmed? What are the predictions and expectations for the new season of this series? Is there a trailer for the new season?

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Tampa Season 2 Release Date

People are very curious to know when Selling Tampa Season 2 premieres. However, there is no word yet on the update date of the event. That means the release date of this upcoming installment is yet to be announced. However, the first season of the series premiered in mid-December 2021, which suggests that season 2 may arrive this year in 2022. Netflix may renew Selling Tampa in December 2022 or sooner. You can watch episodes on Netflix as soon as they are released.

Due to the worldwide pandemic in recent years i.e. COVID-19, many shows and movies have been severely affected. There are a lot of delays in the new release. Its sister show, Selling Sunset, renewed its season recently. This raises our hopes to watch a new episode of Selling Tampa too soon. But there is bad news for all of you, not even the Selling Tampa Season 2 trailer is out yet. We’ll have to wait a little longer to get a glimpse of the new season.

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When will Selling Tampa Season 2 premiere?
When will Selling Tampa Season 2 premiere?

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More about Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa is a very popular reality television series. We have watched the first installment of this show and are now waiting for the second one. The show streamed all episodes of the first season together on December 15, 2021 on the streaming platform Netflix. This is an English language series originating in the United States. There were eight episodes in the show’s first season, with a run time of 45 minutes each.

Production credit of the reality show goes to Adam DiVello, Kristofer Lindquist, Yucatan Everett Mason, Catherine Mosier-Mills, Monique Taylor, Skyler Deputy, Alexandra Butler, and Serena Ghazzawi. Finished and Finished Productions is the production company involved.

Selling Tampa is actually a spin-off of Selling Sunset. Selling Sunset is another American reality TV show on Netflix that focuses on the Los Angeles-based real estate brokerage firm Oppenheim Group. It premiered on March 21, 2019 and has a total of 5 seasons with 45 episodes. The series is created by Adam DiVello. There are two spin-offs of Selling Sunset- Selling Tampa and Selling the OC. The OC sale follows the Oppenheim Group branch in Newport Beach.

Tampa Sales Poster
Tampa Sales Poster

Tampa Season 2 Sales Recap

Selling Tampa revolves around the ambitious, fun-loving women’s real estate firm Allure Realty in Florida, ruling the waterfront of Tampa’s hot luxury real estate marketing. Sherelle, owner of the firm Allure Realty, is pregnant, and her husband Johnson used to live in Miami. Although he has big dreams and big plans for the broker he wants to make it happen. All the ambitious women on set increased the quality of the deal and also increased the fun there in the first season. Their personal lives add a delicious topping to the show, along with skilled professional real estate brokers.

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The eight episodes have different titles according to their contents, and the titles include Closing Deals in Heels; Go for Brokers; Dollar Short, One Day Late; When Agents Collide; What Happens in Miami; No Competition; Hard Choices, New Opportunities; Here Today, Lost Tomorrow. All agents, with their unique skills and abilities, make transactions. Also, the season contains various secrets, battles, cooperation and confessions.

A scene from the show
A scene from the show

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Shooting location

As the name of the series indicates, the show is shot mostly in the Tampa Bay area, which is the area where the company Allure Realty and its agents are located. Also, the incredibly scenic location, Miami, also appears in the episode. The Tampa Bay area is also the economic center of West Florida as it has luxurious estates that attract tourists to it.

The company Allure Realty has a presence at 1315 East 7th Avenue, Suite 105 in Tampa. Also along with the office, the shooting location includes several cafes, shops, parks, etc. in the Tampa Bay area. In Miami, the SLS South Beach Hotel, Mayami Mexicantina and Bar, and many more beautiful places in the magical city are featured in Selling Tampa season 1.

Where was Sell Tampa filmed?
Where was Sell Tampa filmed?

Tampa Selling Actor

The amazing group of women in the first season of Sell Tampa include:

Sharele is the owner of the Allure Realty company. His past experiences involve his work for the army and human resources. She is expecting her fourth child with former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Alexis C Williams is an expert at listing and selling residential homes with her fantastic negotiation and marketing strategies. He is a full time real estate agent.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere was actually a property accountant and now a brilliant real estate professional. He has also received Top Agent credits many times.

Colony Reeves is one of Tampa’s most famous real estate industrialists. His specialties include wealth building and home ownership.

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Tampa Season 1 Selling Cast
Tampa Season 1 Selling Cast

Juawana Colbert-Williams acquired his skills and passion for property when his grandfather used to take him for inspections of his apartment. He is an executive in Economic Development.

While selling cars with her father’s dealership, Karla Giorgio developed her skills as a real estate agent and later earned her license.

Rena Frazier is a civil and environmental engineer with qualifications, after which she obtained a law degree as well. He works as a broker partner at the company Allure Realty.

Tennille Moore is Assistant Chief Legislature in the Florida Senate. She is a mother of three and knows how to grow a business on many levels.

What to expect from season two?

Through the first season of Selling Tampa, we had some hope from Selling Tampa Season 2. Since Sharele is pregnant and her fiancé johnson used to live 280 miles away from her in Miami, the new episode might show some complications or fights between the two of them. . Also, there may be some challenges in the Miami branch. Although, it’s entirely up to the show’s creators what twists and turns they want to bring in the second part to pique our interest.

What can we expect from Selling Tampa Season 2?
What can we expect from Selling Tampa Season 2?

When it comes to the Selling Tampa Season 2 cast, it is very likely that Sharele Rosado will return to being the center stage. Although, her pregnancy will affect some aspects like scheduling. There’s no official announcement there, so we can’t confirm anything and can only give predictions about who will be attending.

In addition, the co-stars Anne-Sophie Petit, Karla Giorgio, Tennille Moore, Colony Reeves, and Juawana Williams, may continue their presence in the series. But Alexis Williams and Rena Frazier might quit because of the problems they created in the first installment. There might also be some new faces in the new season.

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