How Many Episodes of Jodie Whittaker Do You Have Left?

Now that Legend of the Sea Devils, the recent Doctor Who Spring Special, has premiered, how many episodes of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor are left?

When it was Jodie Whittaker’s turn to be popular as Doctor at Doctor who ended, many viewers were curious as to how many episodes of his tenure he had left. The recent premiere of Doctor who special spring, legend of the Sea Devil, provides the series with another action-packed episode and sees the thirteenth Doctor go head-to-head with an old foe. Next episode of Doctor who scheduled for release in Fall 2022, announced with a dramatic trailer revealed at the end Sea Demon episode.

As a result, Jodie Whittaker has now played the space-time explorer Doctor for a total of three seasons, as well as several holiday specials. Throughout her stint in the role, she has traveled with many friends, such as Yasmin Kahn (Mandip Gill), with whom Doctor Whittaker has developed a romance over the last few episodes. Doctor Whittaker has also reunited with popular characters such as Jack Harkness’ John Barrowman and has faced new and familiar foes, including but not limited to Sacha Dhawan’s portrayal of the Masters, Cybermen, and Daleks. Over the course of Whittaker’s journey, there are also several notable historical episodes, one of the most memorable focusing on Rosa Parks – written by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall.


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But despite Whittaker’s rampant success in the role, as has every Doctor who iterations, there comes a time when new actors enter Tardis. With Whittaker’s departure will also come the departure of showrunner Chris Chibnall, who will be replaced by Doctor who alumni Russell T. Davies. Davies was instrumental in developing modern Doctor whoor “NuWho“, as it is known colloquially, and was his showrunner until 2009. It has now been revealed that Ncuti Gatwa will replace Whittaker as the next Doctor, while the trailer that debuted at the end Legend of the Sea Demon does show the teasing of the famous regeneration sequence, which suggests that the Fall special will be Jodie Whittaker’s final episode as the titular character.

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Jodie Whittaker at Doctor Who

Regeneration is a processmolecular adjustment” where the Time Lords undergo complete physical changes, and sometimes even psychological changes. Despite being a complex and often intangible part Doctor who lore, the regeneration process also means that each actor who becomes a Doctor has the opportunity to put their unique stamp on the show. Jodie Whittaker is the first woman to play a Doctor in a change that impacts the status quo, thus marking the age where anyone can potentially take on the role. This way, he will definitely leave a lasting impression no matter what Doctor who replacement that Gatwa made with that role.

It’s unclear when the next actor slated to play the Doctor will be revealed, but the Fall 2022 special will definitely be Jodie Whittaker’s last in the role. Doctor who. But this doesn’t mean Whittaker will be erased from Doctor who narrative forever, with previous Doctors like Matt Smith and David Tenant returning in certain special episodes over the years. After all, Jodie Whittaker brought a new perspective to the beloved role, and that impact will be felt for seasons to come. Doctor who no matter what the future holds for the franchise.

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